Apple's "Tablet" strategy?

Was just reading this review ( and was struck by a thought - I almost wonder if Apple wants to wait until any potential competitors have gotten their products "on the floor" before moving on a "Tablet" iPhone/Mac type device?

I mean - just from the reviews I've seen for the existing e-readers, a 6" screen iPod Touch would trash them on just about EVERY feature they have except for one: battery life. Of course, that's a completely handwaved assumption that if you resized an iPod touch, that you'd get the same battery life so that's just wild supposition.

But I really wonder if Apple is waiting to enter the market until A) They have such a device nailed down to as perfect as possible (duh). And B) there's an existing number of "almost good enough" devices for them to show how much better they can do it.

I think there are parallels in this supposition that match their previous strategies;

iPod - Apple entered the market late, the market was already establised, albeit by people illegally downloading songs. The iPod did not have every "bell & whistle" feature but had ease if use and a good price/value.

iPhone - Apple entered into an existing market as a newcomer. Competed on making the experience seamlesss, and provided something new for the what you were paying: freedom from being nickle and dimed to death by the phone providers for any new "feature" on the phone.

I have no idea if Apple IS in fact planning anything of the kind, but I gotta tell you, I'm pretty sure *I'd* buy something like an iPod Touch with a larger screen, so I'm kind of hoping Apple is coming out with such a device.