Flash? Pah!

Tell you what all you people who are out there whining about how "Apple is just blocking Flash content to protect their Oh-So Precious Garden".

Give it a rest, huhn?

Let me be clear here. Sure, I've blocked Flash forever, but that was to block annoying ads, which are not Adobe's fault. But I enjoy a game of Diner Dash as much as the next fellow.

But I am very glad that Apple is keeping flash off the iPhone.


Let's start with an easy-peasy one, shall we?

Adobe: Fix your damned plugin on Mac OS X, and then you can stop acting all surprised that Apple (you know, the company that makes Mac OS X?) doesn't want your crash-prone plugin on something that runs on the same underlying OS that you can't seem to stop making your plug in stable under.

'Cos the fact is, your plugin is CPU intensive and crash-prone.

John Nack gets all teary about how hard "Poor little Adobe has tried, awnest, they has, even though that siwwy old Mac OS X thing is only 5% of the market place, really they dud their best!"

And now Apple has a hugely popular smartphone, and they left you morons at the dock, while they sailed away. Are y'all familiar with the terms "just desserts"? Now the "iPad" is rolling down the ramp, and again, standing at the dock is Adobe.

Sucks when you get what's coming to you, huhn? I mean, do you really think that Apple build Preview, a replacement for Adobe Acrobat Reader because they thought "Hey, we're kind of bored around here, let's make a free replacement for a free program and bake it into the OS."

Really? Or do you kinda think that it was because Adobe Acrobat on Mac OS X is a dog?

Are we starting to see a trend here? Starting to see some places that maybe Adobe could have changed the outcome? I sure do.

And you know what? I'm even willing to admit that the whiners could be correct. Apple is keeping Flash and Java off the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to protect their sales of content.

But right now, Adobe is the company that could have fixed things with their apps, and they've been steadfastly ignoring their Mac users, aside from their cash cow, Adobe Creative Suite. (I'm being generous here, I do support for designers, hoo boy)

Fix Flash on Mac OS X, Adobe - then you at least can say that it's Apple's fault, 'cos right now.

It's all you.