Whither MacWorld Expo?

So, it's almost time for MacWorld Expo 2010.

Over at Bynkii.com, John Welch has written why MW Expo should continue, and all of the benefits that Conferences like MacWorld offers.

This was initially in response to an article by Jim Dalrymple about how MW Expo 2010 is basically going down or gonna be a success.

Lemme be clear here - I agree with John, really I do. Something like a MacWorld Expo is an invaluable place for all the reasons he laid out and a number more besides. Even though I'm likely never gonna go to MacWorld San Fransisco, I hope it hangs on.

But I don't think it will. Y'see I look at the posts that Jim made, and John's first post in response, and I see a very cogent (That's pronounced "co-ghent" flargh. :)) argument that This Is Not The End.

Unfortunately I see a number of the same trends that I saw with MacWorld Boston. The two years it ran in Boston after Apple pulled out were good. Sure they weren't "holy shit, we have to spend two days just to run though all the exhibits just to see everything" good, but I thought they were a good solid base from which could have grown a new kind of Expo.

The folks from IDG "on the ground" did a bang up job and tried their little hearts out to make it a good Expo (Looking at you Sarah!) and I think they were succeeding, but everyone just hanging on to that "without Apple, who cares" attitude.

Y'see while it was cool for Apple to show up and wave the flag, they kind of dominated the thing, and not really in a good way. Sure the keynotes were good. When they were good that is. You know...when they didn't SUCK.

I distinctly remember a MacWorld New York where the techs at my job had been thinking about taking the AmTrack to NYC from Boston for MWE. Putatively, we would have been going so we could spend "one day" at the expo, but we knew the truth: we were going to see Steve Jobs give a Keynote, by God. And it would be good, and it would be cool, and it would be worth the time we spent tooling down there.

Well, The real world intervened, and we didn't go. So we watched the keynote on one of the new-fangled streaming thangs. And at about the 30 Minute mark, when Jobs spend 10 Minutes thanking everyone at Apple for all their hard work I comment via NexTel to one of my compatriots: "If we had gone, this is the point where I would have bum-rushed the stage".

So, Apple's participation has not always been a positive one anyways. 'Least in my opinion.

But I do have to say; I think the writing is on the wall for MacWorld Expo. It's all going to hinge on IDG; will they keep trying and turn MWE into something cool on it's own, or will they let it die, the way they did in Boston?

I hope they give it a chance. Hell, I wish they'd take another shot at Boston.